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The Island Bocce League (formerly the Bocce Garden) was founded in 2008 as a social and recreation club dedicated to provide a place to gather around the game of Bocce. The volunteer non-profit club offers several ways to get involved.

IBC Club Membership is $15 individual or $30 for family memberships. This will cover the costs of court maintenance and league administration. The fees are suggested contributions to the league and should not prevent membership or participation.

Download registration form here. Fill it in and email to Island Bocce League or snail mail it to Island Bocce League, Box #214, Grand Isle, VT 05458.

As a club member you will receive a Membership card with a combination number on the back. You can use the combo to unlock the equipment shed which contains bocce balls, score pegs, and measuring tapes. This membership includes family members, significant others and children under 18. Members are encouraged to bring their friends and family down to play Bocce, but should never share the combo with non-members.

Membership also enables you to participate in the doubles league and voting rights at the annual meeting, along with the membership card.

As a club member, you are expected to help maintain the courts and equipment, use the equipment for its intended purpose only and make sure all equipment is locked away when you are finished playing. It is a courtesy to give the court a sweep when you are finished. Don't play on squishy/soggy courts.

To join for the summer of 2019 contact Island Bocce League

Doubles League Season

Teams of 4 players each, compete throughout the summer. Teams may also have alternates to minimize defaults during busy summer schedules. Team Applications can be submitted to Island Bocce League by email or snail mail to Island Bocce League, Box #214, Grand Isle, VT. 05458 by May 22, 2019.

A season calendar is created and teams will play on assigned dates, mostly once a week. There are two matches a night, one at 6 p.m. and the other at 7 p.m. Last year we did a Monday and Wednesday league. We may add a Tuesday and Thursday night league if enough people are interested.

Jeannie and Tim Shepard


Jeannie Shepard

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Lou Danielczyk